Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time in coming but it's finally here. The website has been completely revamped and the services rebranded and polished to bring you more value for money. All services are now branded under "My Blogging Site (mybloggingsite.com)" The nature of choosing such a name was to get into the blogging world and to start offering a service completely FREE powered by Wordpress. Anybody can now have their own blogging site without the hassle of installing anything. You just sign up, choose your theme and start blogging. Accessing your blogging site can be done in a couple of different ways.

Sub Domains
It is possible to have yoursubdomain.mybloggingsite.com as your home for anything you wish to blog about and that's not all. You will have the full capabilities that Wordpress has to offer. New themes will be added along with plugins to enrich your Wordpress driven blogging site.

Stuck for ideas of what to blog about? How about Reviews on Products, magazines, places to eat. Create a beginner’s guide to something, Release your own free eBooks or Let your readers know how to make money doing whatever you’re blogging about. There’s hundreds of different things you can blog about. With social media where it is today you can quickly build a network or extend what you already have. An example of what you might have for your subdomain could be nutrition.myblooggingsite.com or yourname.mybloggingsite.com. The only limit to what name you can have before .mybloggingsite.com is your imagination and speed because as it will be first come first served when it comes to grabbing premium subdomain names.

If you prefer you could even use a domain name that you have that isn’t being used or register a new one just for the purpose of having a blogging site. Your domain name can be mapped to your blogging sites subdomain, Eg, yourdomain.com -->> yoursubdomain.mybloggingsite.com. Nobody would ever know your domain was going to your sub domain.

New Domain tld’s
More choice of domain will be coming soon to include .ME, .TEL and more. A new method for domain management of your domains has been added to your client area such as DNS management which is from the registry end rather than the cPanel end. Because the prices have been reduced so much with the hosting packages that all domains will now be charged at RRP prices. Having said that you will still be saving money depending on which billing cycle you choose.

Hosting Services
Regular hosting services will be very much a part of the services portfolio under the new brand but slightly streamlined while lowering costs to you. There will only be 3 standard hosting packages rather than 4. The new hosting packages will be, Personal Hosting, Professional Hosting and Business Hosting. More information about each of them will be made available via the website soon. The old packages, namely. Entry Level, Bronze, Silver and Gold will be discontinued but for those on the old packages, you can continue to stay on those packages if you wish. There is the option to Upgrade or Downgrade to any of the New packages at any time. It might be better to wait until full details of the new hosting packages are made available to you for comparison before you act.

Billing Cycle
Hosting packages now have the option to take out a 3 year ( triennially – 36 months ) plan which will be by far the biggest saver, when breaking the cost down to monthly. You have the option to change your current billing cycle on any of your hosting packages if you wish. You can clearly see during the order process the equivalent monthly amount as you check out the other billing periods.

New Services
There will be new services coming too such as Mobile Web and SSL Certificates. Mobile Web will enable you to make even the most unfriendly websites become friendly to any mobile phone within an easy to use control and design panel.

A lot is changing with regards to support. No more just relying on emails. With all the changes that are being made, more time is going to be put into filling out the knowledgebase and FAQ’s as well as keeping you informed to technical issues via announcements.

The entire website and client area is now fully ‘Responsive’, meaning that when you visit the site on your phone you will get a perfectly suited representation of the main site. You can easily check your support tickets, invoices, services and domains or even place new orders all while on the move.

The website is more socially focussed than it’s ever been before and to extend it further a forum will be introduced during 2014 so you can discuss technical issues in a more open manner and have more people that could potentially help solve any problems you may have.

Affiliate / Incentives
This will be looked into during the coming weeks to help save you even more money. There is still a lot that needs to be done in a number of areas. The aim today was to get the core of the new website online and introduce you all to it.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

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