What Themes are available?

All themes are pre installed and made available to you via different Premium membership levels. There are four levels Starting with FREE at the bottom end, to Business at the Top end. Themes will generally be of high quality the higher up in membership levels. having said that, it isn't always going to be the case as some will be based on what is appropriate. For example, an eCommerce theme would only be in the Business level.

Can I install my own theme that i have purchased or created?
In short, the answer is NO. Who can install Themes is restricted to certain site administrators. If you have purchased a theme, seen a theme you would like from another site or created your own then it can be arranged to have it installed for you.

Here are some general guidelines to how we achieve this

  • Link to the Theme you are wanting to purchase so we can take a look for any particulars with regards to plugin requireaments in order for it to function correctly.
  • If you are having one custom made, you would need to inform us of what plugins will be needed.
  • For security reasons we would have to be the ones to purchase it and  recieve the source files directly and invoice you the full cost of the theme plus a small admin fee for installing.
  • All updates would be done by us for as long as the author continues to support it. If the author has a recurring charge for future updates then these charges will be passed onto you.
  • We would discuss with you if you wanted exclusive use of the theme on our site or if you are happy to share it with other premium members of the same qualifying level. If you choose to share it then the purchase price and the admin price would be subsidized by us.
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